Rose Petal Information


Florists can discuss your petal orders between 8:00 AM to 3:30 PM monday to Saturday.

We grow the roses that produce the petals we offer for sale... the petals we offer as as good as the roses we offer.

At Roses Direct we make hundreds of stock arrangements every week.  After 3 days in our display coldroom, unsold roses are turned into petals.  The only thing we re-use is the vase.

Additionally, any rose from the greenhouse that is shorter than 25cm is turned into petals.

We grow 50% red roses and 50% all other colours so the general ratio for petals is about the same. 

You can purchase these petals in lots of 5 litres, at the farm, and, if the petal order exceeds $50.00, we can deliver them within the Brisbane area.  Delivery charges apply.


We prepare and market petals in 5 litre buckets.  When purchased, we transfer them to a standard super-market checkout plastic bag. We do this to prevent damage to the petals caused by compression.  We want the petals to maintain their form and freshness.  We discard all petals not meeting this standard.

A laundry bucket is about 9 litres.  So, to work out how many petals you need, think of the laundry bucket half full and visualise from there.


A 5 litre buckets holds about 30 cones from A4 rolled paper or similar.


Click here to link to our rose petals page, then select pricing details under the picture to enable the pricing drop down.  You may order petals via our website or telephone.

Please note.  Single colours are generally available in small quantities, however, we cannot guarantee the availabily of petals of selected varieties... please check by phone before ordering.

Petals supply is guaranteed only by pre-payment for the order.


Keep you roses in a vented plastic bag in the refrigerator, as you would keep lettuce.  Do not allow them to freeze.  They will easily last a week or so.