Roses Direct

"The Rose Farm at Burbank" Qld 4156

Located at 40 Oakridge Street, Burbank, approximately 16 kilometers from the Brisbane CBD. 

  • We are Brisbane's only remaining rose farm.
  • We are located in Burbank and employ 10 local staff. 
  • We sell local roses we grow in Brisbane. 
  • Most roses sold in Brisbane are imported from India, Columbia, Kenya or Zimbabwe. 
  • Read a Choice magazine article here.)
We grow and market cut flower roses in Brisbane

We grow all roses hydroponically in horticultural tunnels. This allows us to consistently produce the highest quality, long lasting roses at Brisbane's best price.

Our business is committed to producing and supplying the highest quality cut flower roses.  Unbeatable quality at unmatched prices presented with artistic flair.  We employ only skilled, professional florists committed to keeping customers happy.


We grow our roses in a modern hydroponic greenhouse, and then harvest and hand treat them, using experienced professional staff. See payment options here

The way we assure our customers of the highest quality, lowest price floristry, is to grow the roses in our greenhouses and then control business costs and flower quality from farm to customer. 

Our florists then make the wonderful rose, spectacular!

Online catalogues offer you all that modern and traditional rose floristry, with arrangements, bouquets, and special occasion floristry, such as special gifts, presentations, weddings and tributes.

Above all, a dozen roses make a wonderful statement in your home.  We have tremendous value rolled dozens, available at great prices all year round.