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Delivery info & pricing


  • Our company vehicles cover the Brisbane-wide suburbs... No other flower business offers this service.
  • We deliver our roses in refrigerated company vehicles driven by company employees.
  • Our deliveries are point to point, ie we mostly drive to each delivery location then return to the farm.
  • Each delivery takes an average 0f 40 minutes and includs all tolls.
  • To maintain our quality control, from farm to customer, we only allow employees to handle our product.
  • The delivery price is determined by the distance we have to drive
  • We do not deliver roses where the value of the roses is less than $50.00 - these sales are farm pick up only. 


  • Delivery requested at a specific time (+/- 30 minutes).  This is a "Timed delivery".
  • Delivery requested before 9:00 AM.
  • Delivery requested after 5:00PM.


  • We use 5 zones based on the distance from the farm to determine delivery prices.
  • Zone 1 is our nearby suburbs and zone 5 is the distant suburbs we service. 
  • Where we cannot personally deliver to an address we will not accept the sale.
  • Zone 1  (Around 20klm return trip e.g., Sheldon, Chandler, Capalaba etc) is $15.00

Click here for standard delivery charges (PDF)

Click here for suburbs serviced (HTML)

Click here for comprehensive delivery policy.

Click here for wedding delivery policy and pricing.


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