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Rose plants

Here at The Rose farm, ROSES DIRECT,  we  sell cut rose flowers, grown hydroponically. 

We often are asked about rose plants.  For customers wanting to obtain rose plants in a hurry, there is no quick solution.  Roses are mostly sold as 6 to 12 month old bare rooted stock.  These are timed for sale in the winter months.  This allows for the roses planting out when there is little stress on it as it developes its root system.

If you require specific varieties you will have to pre order, and pay for them.  There are over 6,000 varieties of roses available from growers in the Australian market.

Soft, pliable, well drained, well mulched soil is essential for garden bed soils.  Roses are very hardy but need attention in disease, (botritus, powdery and downey mildew) and insect, (red spider, aphids, thrips, moth larvae) control.

Some of the businesses with websites that specialise in garden roses, that graft, grow and market bare rooted or potted roses, are listed and linked below.   -  Toowoomba, Qld  -  Kalbar (Ipswich), Qld  -  Portland, Vic  -  Healesville, Vic  -  Officer, Vic  - Seville, Vic  -  Galston, NSW  -  Monbulk, Vic  -  Creswick, Vic  -  Monbulk, Vic   -  Sylvan, Vic   -  Holbrook, NSW  -  Mt McMartha, Vic


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